Sukkat Shalom Cheder page

We are looking forward to a new Cheder year with our teachers.


Adam Budd - Head of Cheder



These beautiful Yads were made last year

by Kittah Bet and Gimel


Unless an alternative location is given, all sessions will take

place at Marchmont St Giles Church Centre (map) on Saturday

afternoons from 2.45pm  to 5.00pm (please note new times)


Please check table below for details of sessions and snack rota -


A polite request: We are visitors in the Church centre

and we wish to continue to use these lovely facilities.



Could all parents please ensure that the centre is left

clean and tidy after the Cheder session.  


Thank you!


You can view our prospectus for the coming year here.

In May 2019 we agreed a safeguarding policy which can be accessed here.


Would parents please inform the teachers if their

children are unable to attend any sessions?

It really helps us plan our sessions, thank you!


A few links for parents to view with their children - some songs for you to enjoy: 


A Shabbat song, MI OHEV ET HASHABAT by Ehud Manor: the first 50 seconds of this one:
and a Purim song: LEITZAN KATAN SHELI.




We are always looking to raise funds for cheder, and in particular for teaching materials.  This coming year we would like to raise at least £500.  If you would like to make a donation towards our funds, please use the link below.You don't need a PayPal account to donate in this way—you can use a bank card as usual. At the last stage before authorisation, please click the link “Add instructions to ELJC treasurer” and add the words "Cheder teaching materials" as the instruction.


 Please see below dates for the whole year and usual schedule

for the sessions:  

14.45: Hebrew

16.15: Break and snack

16.30: Wider Jewish education

17.00: Finish


Date Snack Details
 31.8.19 Wilkies 
14.9.19 Stockdale  
28.9.19 Potts 
26.10.19 Khandakar  
 2.11.19 Almeleh  
16.11.19 Hershon  
7.12.19    !! CANCELLED !!
 14.12.19 Party!   Everyone to bring a contribution 
11.1.20 Dover  
25.1.20  Staal   
8.2.20  Gray  
22.2.20  Arton
7.3.20  Cohen  Purim - please support the Cohen family by bringing something triangular (and filled with something yummy) to share
21.3.20 Wilkies  
4.4.20 Stockdale Pesach
25.4.20 Potts  
16.5.20 Khandakar  
30.5.20 Almeleh  
13.6.20 Herson  
27.6.20 Blair