Welcome to Sukkat Shalom, the Edinburgh Liberal Jewish Community


Our aim: to provide services and activities which embody our values, strengthen our Liberal Jewish identity and cater for the wide diversity of our members’ faith, practice and support needs.


Our services: we hold Erev Shabbat services on the second Friday of each month, and Shabbat morning service two weeks later. On other weekends we hold an early evening Kabbalat Shabbat service.  We welcome visitors to any services and we like it if you contact us before you come so we can welcome you properly but you don't have to. Full details of all Sukkat Shalom events and services  with times and venues (we don't have our own shul) can be found by following this link to our diary page


To contact us: go to our contact page or phone 0131 777 8024


Forthcoming events

After all the activity of the High Holidays and our tenth anniversary we are back to our usual routine of one service each weekend and a monthly visit from our Rabbi Mark Solomon.


This Week


We celebrate the Festival of Chanukah!


Chag Chanukah Sameach to all our members and friends!




Thursday 18th December at 5.45pm there will be a Civic Chanukiah lighting at the City Chambers to which all Jewish people are invited. Invitations will have been sent out already to those who applied.  Rabbi Mark will be lighting one of the three candles, with the other two Rabbis in the city doing the other two.



Friday 19th December at 6.15 p.m.


Everyone, children and adults, is invited to bring their Chanukiah and candles (4 candles plus the shamash) and join us for the short Kabbalat Shabbat service to be followed by kiddush with refreshments.




Next Week!


The following Shabbat (27th December) will be our regular Shabbat morning service at 11am. We very much hope that it will be our first chance to use our new ark as part of a regular Shabbat service.


The makers currently have the ark and are affixing the decorative aluminium panels.


For venues please see "Diary" or email "Contact ELJC" on the left


Warm wishes from all at Sukkat Shalom!



Previous events



Tenth Anniversary of Sukkat Shalom!

18 Elul 5774  13th September  2014


We celebrated the Tenth Anniversary of the establishment of our Edinburgh Liberal Jewish Community with a special Shabbat Morning Service.


Among our many guests were representatives of the Edinburgh Interfaith Association and several leaders of other Faith Communities in Edinburgh and beyond. Our own Liberal Judaism Chief Executive, Rabbi Danny Rich, also joined us for this momentous day!


After the Service we held a special Kiddush to which everyone was invited.


In the evening we held a celebratory Ceilidh with very enthusiastic dancing to a mixture of Scottish and Yiddish music. We were further entertained by the beautiful and mellifluous singing of our Rabbi, Mark Solomon and by Lobo Chan. A special Anniversary cake was made by one of our member.

The evening was much enjoyed by all present ~ a true celebration!


Photos of the Ceilidh

 Enjoying the Dancing

Enjoying the lovely food!

Danny & Friends watching the dancing! 

What a Big Bear!


 Big Bear and Friends!



10th Anniversary Cake


11th October 2014 ~ Festival of Sukkot! 


For the second year we were able to use the Sukkah which was produced in pre-formed kit, made by two of our members last year.

Members arrive early to erect the Sukkah



 Building the Sukkah


Sukkah Completed


Members and Friends in the Sukkah making Kiddush



Members admiring the Sukkah 



 Finishing Kiddush

Fortunately it was a fine day and the event was enjoyed by all.

February 2014

Fast of Esther known as Purim


Action on Poverty for Purim 



We all had an amazing time this Purim and with another visit from the extra-terrestial Rabbi and a great performance from our talented and entertaining Purimspielers.

As well as eating drinking and having fun another form of celebration of the deliverance from slaughter of Jews in the Persian Empire of long ago, is "Matanot La-evyonim" or gifts to the poor. These gifts may be made as food or as cash. We have already collected donations to go to the Edinburgh Food banks and we are planning to become a partner organisation with them and we look forward to working with them in future. More details will be available in the newsletter shortly. In connection with this,  rabbi, Mark Solomon, chair of the community, Norman Crane, and the council of Sukkat Shalom, the Edinburgh Liberal Jewish Community, have issued the following statement on 6 March 2014, 4 Adar II 5774.

We as representatives of Liberal Judaism in Scotland, wish to add our voice to those leaders of other faith communities who have expressed a sense of deep indignation at the effects of the UK government's welfare and benefit cuts. These cuts are harsh and punitive. Their effects leave people destitute and without hope.  It is the duty of all citizens, particularly those of faith communities, to alleviate grinding poverty and its effects. This poverty is created by the State, and it is the duty of all citizens, particularly those of faith communities, to relieve it. The situation is dire. Even the food banks, in Scotland, the last refuge of those with hungry families to feed, are running out of food.

Annual General Meeting 2014

Our Annual General Meeting took place on the 2nd of February. Agenda and reports are here and draft minutes should appear shortly.. 

(Note: you need to be logged in to see the agenda and reports. If you are not registered, click on the link "Login/Register" at the top of the page and fill in your e-mail address. Your registration will be approved very quickly. If you have forgotten your password, click on "Login/Register", then on the link "Forgot your password" at the bottom of the page, and you will receive a code by email that will enable you to create a new password.)

Burns Night Ceilidh

Our Burns Night Ceilidh on 25th January was a great success, with about a hundred guests, great music from the Belle Star Band, a lot of dancing (making up with enthusiasm what we lacked in expertise), an Address to the Haggis, a rare hurdy gurdy recital, and—the high point of the evening—a recital of Burns songs by Rabbi Mark. 






Last year's Festivals - 2013

Happy Hanukah to one and all (first candle 27th November)

Everyone, young old or middling is welcome to our Hanukah Party at Marchmont St Giles Church Centre at 4.30 to 6.30pm on Saturday 30th November (cheder kids come before as agreed).  Bring your hanukiah's and candles so we can have a show as nice as last year's seen below.

candles 2012 

Kol Nidre Appeal


The Holydays are over now, but there is still time to contribute to our Kol Nidre Appeal. Details of our charities and how to send in your contribution are below. Donations will be divided equally between the following four charities.

 International  Jabulani Project, Scottish/South African joint project where recent high school graduates  support street children in the townships.

 Local Jewish charity Cosgrove Care, Providing services for people with disabilities or mental health problems in the Jewish Community and beyond.

 Local non-Jewish the Pastoral Foundation, Counselling services in Edinburgh

 Israeli   Rabbis for Human Rights, fighting for justice for Israelis and Palestinians

 Send donations as cheques payable to Sukkat Shalom, Edinburgh to our treasurer (Gillian Raab, 10 Ainslie Place, EH3 6AS) or credit them directly to our bank account Sort Code 30 13 01 Account number 00974077 or donate via paypal on our web site www.eljc.org  . If one of the last two methods are used please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with the details.



 Congratulations to everyone who helped to erect and decorate the sukkah this year.

And Mazal Tov to Catherine who provided a wonderful kiddush in honour of a special birthday.


Scottish Defence League Statement

ELJC issued the following statement, through our chair, in advance of the Scottish Defence League demonstration on 17th August. Members of ELJC took part in the counter-demonstration:

Sukkat Shalom, the Edinburgh Liberal Jewish Community, supports the rally on 17th August against the march through Edinburgh by the Scottish Defence League.

It beggars belief that the march has been permitted at all, and particularly during the Edinburgh Festival, when our city is teeming with visitors. It underlines the need for us to be ever vigilant, so that the ugly head of of fascism is not raised again in this way.

The Festival becomes home, for a while, to performers and visitors from many countries and backgrounds. What are they to make of the narrow-minded and hostile bigotry of the SDL ?

It is essential, also for our own sakes, for those of us who live here in Edinburgh to make a stand against the insidious hatred that the SDL is trying to stir up. Edinburgh is a City where people of different faith groups and ethnic backgrounds try their utmost to live and work together in harmony. We must strive to ensure that the SDL does not harm these efforts.

We Jews, small in number in Edinburgh, know only too well from other times and other places what can happen if the small voice of unreason is allowed to swell so that communities become endangered. So I would like to add the voice of this Jewish Community in the stand against the SDL march and the fascists responsible for it.

Norman Crane, Chair, 14 August 2013


Our aim: to provide services and activities which embody our values, strengthen our Liberal Jewish identity and cater for the wide diversity of our members’ faith, practice and support needs.


Hanukah Party 2012/5773
view 1_candles_blessings_candles4_pass the parcel_dreidl_singing
 Sukkot 2012/5773 with new Sukkah thanks to Claudette and Robbert
Communal Seder 2012 / 5772

Purim 2012: Our own Megillah Reading with Rabbi Mark Solomon, followed by Purimspiel and joint meal with Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation in the Synagogue in Salisbury Road

Human Rights Shabbat, 10 December 2011. Details of our discussions are on the Human Rights page.
Here we are making Havdalah with the Occupy Protest in St Andrew Square:
November 2011 Community quiz: Where we competed against Liberal shuls from all over the country. We came second to Gloucester.

July 2011 Summer barbecue at Linlithgow

Erev Shabbat Service with a talk from Miri Weingarten of Physicians for Human Rights Israel. A Report on her talk is in the June newsletter.

Purim 2011

Shabbat morning service with guest preacher Imam Shaikha Halima Krausen. Her sermon can be read in our March 2011 Newsletter. For website matters contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.